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Negotiation Coach

Negotiating a job offer is hard. Use an expert and increase your offer by on average 31%.


What Does a Negotiation Coach do?

1-on-1 Professional Advice While You Negotiate

Offer Data Experts

We know how offers change through the negotiations. We know how high to ask and how many times you can ask.

Custom Negotiation Scripts

How you ask matters. We show you how to articulate your asks so they align with the company's interests.

Mock Negotiations

Confidence comes from practice. We mock the common objections you will hear when negotiating.

Negotiated Offers in Technology, Finance, and Biotechnology


Trained Offer Negotiation Experts

Our agents have advised over 50 offer negotiations. Expertise you can't achieve from reading online. We're available on-demand when the company needs a decision today.


Client Recommendations

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Colin Zamecnik

Negotiating was a huge blind spot for me. Don't underestimate having someone organized and objective in your corner who helps navigate the games employers play.

Colin Zamecnik — Research Scientist at ChanZuckerberg Biohub
Leah Huyghe

I'm so glad I worked with Ralph-- it's had a huge impact on my future income. It's huge ROI and I won't risk negotiating an offer without Ralph again!

Leah Huyghe — Product Designer At Facebook
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Dollars back to our clients from offer negotiations

How We Work

Negotiation Agents for Job Seekers


Use Ralph Before You Begin Interviewing

Companies will use negotiating tactics even in the initial phone screen. Make sure you don't lose any leverage from the beginning.

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1-on-1 Guidance for Every Offer

Expert negotiators with proprietary data determine negotiation strategy, do mock negotiations, and help write scripts so you negotiate effectively.


On-Demand Help Until You Sign

Negotiations are time sensitive and require instantaneous help. We're available on-demand until you sign.


Pay When You Have Income

Payments are done as an Income Share Agreement only when you've started working.

Your Expertise Is Your Work, Not Negotiating

Pay Only If We've Increased Your Offer