About Ralph

Companies have an unfair advantage in offer negotiations. Through opacity and an effective system to minimize their largest cost (labor), companies have done so well that the ratio of executive to worker pay is now 278 to 1.

It is time job seekers empowered themselves with experts of their own. If your career is as important as where you live, like a real estate agent, you should use a professional when negotiating your job offers. You will never be as experienced as a company will be at negotiating.

Ralph's mission is to empower job seekers with the same information companies have.


Brian Liou

Co-Founder & Advocate

Brian formerly founded Leada, a Y-Combinator backed ed-tech company that had Johns Hopkins, Ohio State, NYU, Penn, and 15 other universities as customers. Brian graduated from UC Berkeley with degrees in Statistics and Business.

Fatoumata Fall

Co-Founder & Advocate

Fatu was employee 9 at African Leadership University, a university system in Africa that has raised over $100M. Fatu has provided leadership coaching to +200 mid-level managers in LatAm. She graduated from Harvard with a degree in applied mathematics.


Wei Deng

Founder & CEO of Clipboard Health (YC S17)

Jim Deters

Founder of Galvanize

Jake Klamka

Founder & CEO of Insight Data Science