Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Ralph if I can negotiate on my own?

Oftentimes, candidates do not know when they have left value on the negotiating table because you simply aren’t as experienced or as knowledgeable as Ralph is about offer negotiations and compensation.

Why use Ralph if I know my market value?

Your market value is constantly changing and our experience shows us that your offer depends more on how you negotiate and your leverage rather than data you might have.

Can I use Ralph if I only have 1 offer?

Yes. We have helped many clients increase their single offer, multiple times.

Can I try on my own and then use Ralph?

Yes but offer negotiations begin the moment you start interviewing so you may have already communicated information that has hurt your negotiation. Negotiations are also extremely time sensitive so it may be too late when you try to reach out.

Can I use Ralph if I've been told I cannot negotiate?

Yes. This is simply untrue. Maybe how much you can negotiate or what parts of the offer you can negotiate are smaller, but you can always negotiate.

Why would I need a negotiation coach?

Would you sell your house on our own? It's normal to use an agent. If your career is as important as where you live, you should use a professional when negotiating your job offer.

How much coaching time is required?

We help you until you sign an offer. We typically spend between 6 to 10 hours per client. This sounds like a lot but our guidance saves you many more hours of anxiety and stress from negotiating on your own!

Why can't I just read online articles on how to negotiate?

You can, but negotiating is a skill that people spend careers perfecting. More than market data, your offer negotiation depends on how the other side of the table is responding, the information you gather to identify your leverage, and how you justify your asks.

When do I sign up?

You should sign up before you begin interviewing with a company so that we make sure you don't give any of your leverage away. Companies will use salary negotiation tactics in the phone screen, such as asking what your salary expectations are.

What successful examples do you have?

We have many examples of where Ralph has had a significant impact on the result of a clients offer negotiations. Please see our testimonials below or reach out to speak to a coach to be connected to client references.

If I expect to get an offer I'm happy with, why would I use Ralph?

You are happy with your compensation until you realize other people are making more than you for doing the same job. Then you're mad. If you want to avoid this you need to prepare yourself.

Are new graduate offers negotiable?

Yes. We have seen new grad offers change significantly from the initial offer. Some more than 70%. Schedule a free consultation to determine if you want to understand more.


Some clients have requested anonymity for confidentiality

Jamie Schatz

"I’m so thankful I was able to utilize Ralph during my negotiations. I was coached through every step of the process – from calculating an initial salary ask that was comparable to my experience, to advising me through negotiation tactics and preparing for potential pushback, to closing the deal at my “reach” salary as well as some additional benefits."

Eric Westman

"I consulted with Ralph for help negotiating offers for my first job out of grad school and was provided valuable insight and guidance on how to approach my job offers. Ralph helped give me the confidence I needed to be patient and ask for what I thought I was worth. I ended up increasing my offer beyond what I had thought was possible. I'd recommend anyone who is looking for their first CS job or who doesn't have much negotiation experience to consult with Ralph"


"Ralph was extremely helpful when helping me negotiate between multiple job offers. I achieved a better package and terms that worked more favorable for both myself and the employer. Along the way, I was given me useful advice that I can use for future negotiations. I would highly recommend Ralph to anyone looking to get the best out of their job offers and improve their negotiation skills."

Leah Huyghe

"Ralph helped raise my confidence before going into the negotiations to ask for much more than I thought I was possible. I got frequent feedback on my communication approach and was able to raise my offer by a significant amount. I'm so glad I worked with Ralph -- it's had a huge impact on my future income. It's huge ROI and I won't risk negotiating an offer without Ralph again!"

Colin Zamecnik

"Negotiating was a huge blind spot for me. This was an amazing crash course in how to get the most out of every offer - not just the what but more importantly the how. Don't underestimate having someone organized and objective in your corner who helps navigate the games employers play. Fill in this blind spot while getting more money and a better role in the process? No brainer."

Anonymous Client

"Ralph made the negotiation process much less stressful. Ralph helped me build confidence in my negotiation skills and taught me skills I am sure will come in handy again. Would absolutely recommend."

Anonymous Client

Ralph helped me target an aggressive ask at the right time, resulting in an increase of $50K from my initial offer with the company I was interested in, and significantly higher than my other offers. By myself, I would have undershot or overshot, most likely resulting in only a moderate increase.

Rohan Kar

"Ralph was an essential asset in helping me secure a higher offer. While negotiating multiple offers, Ralph was available at every step, ready to offer guidance and suggestions on the right negotiation strategy. The primer on salary negotiation, that is provided to all clients, gives all the essential information on various aspects of compensation as well as important information compiled from speaking with many recruiters. The best thing about Ralph is that they really care about getting the best for their clients. They take a personal interest in spending a good time to make sure you are comfortable and prepared for your negotiation. I would highly recommend Ralph."

Da An

"Working with Ralph has been an awesome experience! They understood my market value in ways I did not and was very responsive, efficient, informative, and helpful during my job search. I'd be more than happy to recommend Ralph to friends."

Ashe Magalhaes

Ralph provided exactly what I needed to in some tough negotiations: they are knowledgeable about compensation expectations across roles and sectors, they understand how to frame verbal and email conversations in a tone that is firm but positive, and they provided a sanity check as well as emotional support for when negotiations didn’t go as planned. In following Ralph’s advice, I was able to achieve the outcome we wanted, with significantly less stress than if I had to navigate the negotiation process alone. I can’t recommend working with Ralph enough.


"Ralph helped me through every step of the negotiation process, including juggling multiple offers. With their experience and guidance, I was able to negotiate a higher signing bonus, equity package, and was even able to be hired at a higher position level. Throughout the whole process, Ralph was upfront, ethical, and committed to helping me understand and achieve the true market value of my skills."

Cecilia Prator

The coaches at Ralph were fantastic! They went above and beyond to help me during a tricky, nerve-racking negotiation process. Their on-demand support not only meant I had expert guidance every step of the way, but that I felt confident in my correspondences with the hiring manager. I can’t recommend them more highly.

Anonymous Client

I was first contacted by Ralph over email and was very skeptical about the usefulness of such a negotiation service. I still opted to negotiate myself but went back to Ralph when the
process became quite stressful. It was a decision I am extremely happy to have made — Ralph made the process significantly less stressful and helped me get a great offer from the company of my choice. I doubt the offer would have been so high if it was me negotiating. It was wonderful working with them and I would highly suggest the service to anyone going on the job market!

Anonymous Client

"At first I wasn't sure of working with Ralph on this negotiation coaching. When I finally decided to use the service, all my doubts were cleared. Ralph will teach you the strategies used in negotiation, tell you to say the right things when communicating with recruiters and push you hard so that you do say those things. My salary was significantly increased with Ralph's help"

Anonymous Client

"Ralph's guidance helped me become comfortable with negotiating, which will benefit me for the rest of my career. I also really appreciate that he encouraged me to ask for a lot more than I was initially prepared to ask for. I would wholeheartedly recommend Lighthouse to anyone who is dreading negotiation."

Varun Pai

"Ralph's service is extremely helpful because you don't know when your expectations are low. Even with high expectations we built a case for me that I knew was true, but simply didn't have the confidence to ask for until I was pushed. I highly recommend chatting."


"When my career began, I wasn't exposed to the right people to educate me on these things. Combine that information asymmetry with an imposter syndrome and negotiations against a company seemed impossible. The value of Ralph is undeniable."

Kai Chen

"I am so blessed to work with your business. Not only I have learned a lot in this process, but also I achieved my dream offer. Thanks, Ralph!"