How Ralph Works

Professional networking & negotiation guidance for a new job.

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Terms Career Agents Negotiate

Interview Date

Getting multiple offers at the same time is important for negotiating.

Offer Deadlines

We apply deadlines, extend deadlines, or advise on navigating deadlines


Negotiating your seniority directly affects compensation

Start Date

Salary, Equity, Bonus

Benefits, Taxes, Legal

What Does a Career Agent Do?

Mock Negotiations for Practice & Edit Negotiation Scripts

Provide Personalized Market Value Data

600+ Offers in Tech, Quant Finance & Biotech

Negotiation Challenges Clients Face

Hear examples of challenges our clients frequently face

Stuck in Negotiations

Candidates often get stuck in negotiations, hear an example below

Ralph · Stuck in Negotiation

Pressure from Companies

Candidates often experience pressure from the recruiter

Ralph · Pressure From The Company

Afraid to Ask

Without a good understand of their own market value, candidates become afraid to negotiate

Ralph · Afraid To Ask Too High

Desperation to Accept

Interviewing is tiring and many candidates don't have the patience to negotiate effectively

Ralph · Desperation To Accept

Don't Make Less Because You Don't Know How to Negotiate

Get a better offer with less anxiety and time spent