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We're a group of passionate advocates and career professionals


Fatoumata ("Fatu") Fall

Fatu was inaugural faculty at ALU, an innovative university system in Africa which has raised over $100M. She has been featured on the Forbes 30 under 30 list. She has trained over 300 mid-level female managers and her mission is to empower women and help them fulfill their potential at work, and in their personal lives. Fatu graduated from Harvard University with a degree in Applied Mathematics.

Brian Liou

Brian was previously the CEO and Founder of Leada, a Y-Combinator backed ed-tech startup. Brian has recruited, hired, managed, and has extensively interviewed over 65 recruiters, HR, and compensation professionals. Brian has also done organizational behavior research within the Management of Organizations department at Haas. Brian graduated from UC Berkeley with degrees in Business and Statistics.

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Crystal Lee

Crystal was the VP of Recruiting at Search Masters a headhunting firm in NY. She has over 15 years of recruiting experience as well as an extensive background in tax and accounting. In 2020 she was selected by the NYSSCPA Top 40 Accounting Professionals Under 40. She is a board member of The Networking Group.

Emily Albertson

Emily is a recent graduate of University of Washington's Foster School of Business. At Foster, she was an assistant to several MBA negotiation courses where she discovered her passion for advocacy.

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HR Specialists

Ralph contracts with HR, compensation & recruiting industry veterans that come from Facebook, McKinsey, and more to give expert guidance for unique situations.

Ralph's Mission

The power dynamic between talent and companies is broken. The information asymmetry has become so lopsided that even though companies have good intentions, workers fear communicating.

This problem begins with the recruiting process and offer negotiation. A process so opaque that it hurts both sides. Candidates are afraid to advocate for themselves, breeding resentment, or choose an offer with poor information and leave quickly, causing company attrition.

Hiring managers care, but they are too busy to educate. Recruiters & HR are experts, but their job is to protect the companies interests.

It is time job seekers were empowered with experts of their own. If your career is as important as where you live, like using a real estate agent to buy a home, a Career Agent can advise you in your transactions with the company.

Ralph's mission is to empower job seekers with the same information companies have.