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Consulting ServiceAdvisory Service
15% commision5% of
of difference between initial and negotiated offerfirst year compensation
Networking & Interview Timeline GuidanceWe help you network to get interviews and strategically organize your interviews to maximize your leverage
Live Participation in NegotiationWe participate in negotiation calls with your recruiter or hiring manager either on your behalf or with you.
Mock NegotiationsWe practice and prepare you to negotiate
Negotiation ScriptsGo to How Ralph Works to see examples
Proprietary Compensation DataUnmatched offer granularity based on your background. Go to How Ralph Works to see examples
Advice from Recruiting, HR, & Compensation ExpertsOur expertise comes from recruiters and compensation analysts at Facebook and other companies.
Unlimited Messaging Via Whatsapp, email, and comments on documents.
1-Business Day Guaranteed ResponseWe resolve your situation with the urgency it deserves.
Free If You're Not HappyOur business is our reputation. We have never charged a candidate when they have felt we did not have an impact and we never will.
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Clare Lee Masters at MIT

A priceless experience in understanding how negotiation works, what recruiters and hiring managers say and don't say, and in actually asking for what I want. It pushed me way out of my comfort zone in multiple directions, but like most such experiences, I grew a lot and benefited from more than just the sizeable package increase. It was essential to have a advisor walk me through the various steps, and help me practice for those uncomfortable conversations with my recruiter. Also, my career agent held me accountable to actually having those uncomfortable conversations that I knew I should have.

Yulia Rubanova PhD at U of Toronto

Ralph helped me to increased my equity to the numbers that I would not have asked on my own. Fatu prepared me for all the calls, helped me to draft the emails and supported me during the process.

Eric Westman, PhD at Carnegie Mellon University

"I consulted with Ralph for help negotiating offers for my first job out of grad school and was provided valuable insight and guidance on how to approach my job offers. Ralph helped give me the confidence I needed to be patient and ask for what I thought I was worth. I ended up increasing my offer beyond what I had thought was possible. I'd recommend anyone who is looking for their first CS job or who doesn't have much negotiation experience to consult with Ralph"

Ethan Mark, PhD at Georgia Tech

"Ralph was extremely helpful when helping me negotiate between multiple job offers. I achieved a better package and terms that worked more favorable for both myself and the employer. Along the way, I was given me useful advice that I can use for future negotiations. I would highly recommend Ralph to anyone looking to get the best out of their job offers and improve their negotiation skills."

Leah Huyghe

"Ralph helped raise my confidence before going into the negotiations to ask for much more than I thought I was possible. I got frequent feedback on my communication approach and was able to raise my offer by a significant amount. I'm so glad I worked with Ralph -- it's had a huge impact on my future income. It's huge ROI and I won't risk negotiating an offer without Ralph again!"

Colin Zamecnik PhD at UC Berkeley

"Negotiating was a huge blind spot for me. This was an amazing crash course in how to get the most out of every offer - not just the what but more importantly the how. Don't underestimate having someone organized and objective in your corner who helps navigate the games employers play. Fill in this blind spot while getting more money and a better role in the process? No brainer."

Jamie Schatz

"I’m so thankful I was able to utilize Ralph during my negotiations. I was coached through every step of the process – from calculating an initial salary ask that was comparable to my experience, to advising me through negotiation tactics and preparing for potential pushback, to closing the deal at my “reach” salary as well as some additional benefits."

Rohan Kar Masters at UC Berkeley

"Ralph was an essential asset in helping me secure a higher offer. While negotiating multiple offers, Ralph was available at every step, ready to offer guidance and suggestions on the right negotiation strategy. The primer on salary negotiation, that is provided to all clients, gives all the essential information on various aspects of compensation as well as important information compiled from speaking with many recruiters. The best thing about Ralph is that they really care about getting the best for their clients. They take a personal interest in spending a good time to make sure you are comfortable and prepared for your negotiation. I would highly recommend Ralph."

Da An PhD at UC Berkeley

"Working with Ralph has been an awesome experience! They understood my market value in ways I did not and was very responsive, efficient, informative, and helpful during my job search. I'd be more than happy to recommend Ralph to friends."

Ross PhD at UC Berkeley

"Ralph helped me through every step of the negotiation process, including juggling multiple offers. With their experience and guidance, I was able to negotiate a higher signing bonus, equity package, and was even able to be hired at a higher position level. Throughout the whole process, Ralph was upfront, ethical, and committed to helping me understand and achieve the true market value of my skills."

Cecilia Prator PhD at UC Berkeley

The coaches at Ralph were fantastic! They went above and beyond to help me during a tricky, nerve-racking negotiation process. Their on-demand support not only meant I had expert guidance every step of the way, but that I felt confident in my correspondences with the hiring manager. I can’t recommend them more highly.

Varun Pai

"Ralph's service is extremely helpful because you don't know when your expectations are low. Even with high expectations we built a case for me that I knew was true, but simply didn't have the confidence to ask for until I was pushed. I highly recommend chatting."

Kai Chen PhD at UC Berkeley

"I am so blessed to work with your business. Not only I have learned a lot in this process, but also I achieved my dream offer. Thanks, Ralph!"

Ladislav Rampasek PhD at U of Toronto

Ralph had my back during late stage of interviews and negotiation, which helped me a lot to remain calm and confident. Fatu was excellent, always replied very quick. Particularly for a fresh graduate the service Ralph provides is extremely useful!

Ashe Magalhaes Masters at UCL

Ralph provided exactly what I needed to in some tough negotiations: they are knowledgeable about compensation expectations across roles and sectors, they understand how to frame verbal and email conversations in a tone that is firm but positive, and they provided a sanity check as well as emotional support for when negotiations didn’t go as planned. In following Ralph’s advice, I was able to achieve the outcome we wanted, with significantly less stress than if I had to navigate the negotiation process alone. I can’t recommend working with Ralph enough.

Fiona Yeung PhD at UCLA

Ralph provided important information about the fair market value of my degree and major that is specific to the job position that I'm seeking. Sure, online sources provide people's current salary and years of experience. But they usually don't provide information about the their educational background and the starting salary for that level. It is important to know what current offers my peers are getting in order to negotiate effectively. Ralph also shared valuable insight on how to deal with negotiation tactics: when to continue negotiation and when to walk away. I am very satisfied with their service and I highly recommend them.

Isaac Lavine PhD at Duke University

I received what felt like a fair offer from the company to start with, and on my own, I would not have pushed for more compensation. Ralph was able to share that my peers at similar firms were being offered significantly more, and they coached me on how to communicated my desire for a similar compensation to the company. Even though I didn't have a comparable offer, so my negotiating leverage was low, we were able to use that information to increase my signing bonus by 75%.

Abhishek Das PhD at Georgia Tech

Ralph has a lot of experience with negotiation processes across companies, and so they have data on pay packages and great advice on how to better structure asks based on qualifications / leverage. I highly recommend them!

Avner May Postdoc at Stanford

It was a pleasure working with Fatu and the Ralph team. I believe that had I not worked with Ralph, my final offer would likely have been over $50k below the offer I accepted (or perhaps even over $100k below). Fatu was super helpful in many ways throughout the process: (1) She provided helpful advice on setting timelines for the interview/offer/negotiation processes, (2) she provided a ton of useful data about previous offers Ralph clients had received, and used this data to help me know what I should ask for at various points during my negotiation process, and (3) she helped me be calm and prepared during all of my calls with recruiters and hiring managers, by helping me write scripts and better know what to expect from these calls. I would highly recommend Ralph to anyone who is going through a job search!

Tanmay Gupta PhD at UIUC

Ralph is a good source of information for students negotiating offers for the first time to help them assess what is a fair compensation for their role according to peer compensation data.

Danny Tang MS at UC Berkeley

Ralph really helped me to negotiate more aggressively than I would have on my own. Even though I already have some experience doing salary negotiations, it was very helpful to be backed up by Ralph's client salary data and their experience in pushing hard without going over the line.

Anusha Nagabandi PhD at UC Berkeley

Although it wasn't the offer I ended up choosing in the end, Ralph was able to help my negotiate my offer to a much higher amount than I honestly could have ever imagined. Negotiating is an uncomfortable situation for many people, including me, and it was absolutely critical for me to have them by my side at every step. I would highly recommend this service!

Henoch Wong Masters at Cambridge

When you thought that you have overcome the interview hurdle, the negotiation process that follows can prove equally challenging. Up against recruiters who are well familiar with the process, I've encountered a range of tactics from deadline pressure, threat of offer withdrawal, to being dropped from a matched team.Working with a career agent meant having a guide to navigate through this tricky process. We worked together to develop a game-plan at every step, giving me the confidence to take more calculated risks with the recruiters. The result was a significant increase to my base salary, equity and sign-on bonus

Ayush Barmecha Masters at Georgia Tech

Working with Ralph has been an absolute pleasure. I reached out to Ralph after I received a couple of offers and had little time to make a decision. Ralph was very accommodating with their time and insights. Ralph prepared me for all eventualities when dealing with the recruiters. In the negotiation, I was often in situations where I needed to respond quickly. Ralph was always super prompt in responding to my umpteen questions and helped me perfect my responses. With his help, the company I was negotiating with increased their offer. The company was pressuring me to sign. but Ralph pushed me to ask for a joining bonus. To my delight, they accepted!Having benefited from their unique skills, I now know who to reach out to next time I'm in a similar negotiation! I wholeheartedly recommend Ralph to all.

Letian Wang PhD UC Berkeley

Ralph is the mentor that helps me to start working on negotiating with my employer, which turns out to be beneficial for my entire career. It overcomes my fear and completely changed my mindset in this domain. Till today, I still recall the strategies I learnt and applied it to my career navigation.

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